Terms and Conditions

1.1. The deals we promote on our website will be offered with certain and specific limitations. Therefore, we expect all our buyers to read all the terms and conditions relevant to the deals they wish to participate in. For example, most of the deals are not available to individuals residing outside the Philippines. Similarly, our deals are often subject to time limits and other restrictions which require buyers to complete transactions within a certain time frame and/or in a certain manner to be able to redeem the products and/ or services they bought. We will use reasonable efforts to make any limitations known to our buyers when we promote deals.

1.2. To deliver the products or services bought in a deal, the buyer will have to make successful payments on our website. The buyer will be required to provide full name, complete address and contact number for delivery. To redeem the product or service bought in a deal, the buyer will have to purchase an E-voucher for that particular product or service through our website. The buyer will be required to provide the full name of the person who will use it: whether that person will be the buyer himself/herself or someone else to whom the buyer plans to transfer the E-voucher. An endorsement letter coming from the person provided in the list is needed when the E-voucher is given to another person not included in the list. The name the buyer provides will only be shared with the merchant listed on it. Miles and Levels Shop has the right to ask additional documents during the redemption if necessary.

1.3. Unless specifically stated otherwise in a deal and on a Miles and Levels Shop Philippines coupon, a charge for a coupon does not include sales tax and any other similar add-ons.

1.4. If a buyer has problems with his or her E-voucher or the products and/or services he or she has redeemed, Miles and Levels Shop Philippines cannot and will not guarantee the buyers any issuance of refunds or credits. Since both companies serve only as an intermediary and agent of merchants, they will only use reasonable efforts to assist buyers in dealing with them at the event of a problem with their coupons and in redeeming their products and/or services.

1.5. Miles and Levels Shop Philippines is the only entity with the discretion to determine a buyer’s compliance with these terms and conditions. Hence, both companies reserve their rights to restrict, suspend, deny, or terminate the access of any buyer to any part of the website, with or without notice of any kind.

1.6. Any buyer who violates any of the terms or conditions stated here won’t be allowed to redeem or receive any product and/or service and will not be refunded of the charge of his or her coupon.

1.7. If you are under the age of 18 and you wish to avail of our services, please ask your parent’s permission first before you do. All our services are subject to similar and further age limitations.

1.8. Miles and Levels Shop Philippines does not knowingly collect any information from persons under the age of 18. When we determine that content of any kind has been uploaded to our website by someone under the age of 18, it will be removed with or without notice of any kind.

1.9. Buyers who will purchase our deals using their credit card shall comply with our Security Check first. This is done to avoid fraud credit card holders. Once the process has been verified, buyers will no longer have to undergo this process again on their succeeding purchases using the same credit card.

1.10. Credit Card transactions are automatically charged upon purchase. Non-completion of Security Check requirements will deem the transaction void and is subject for reversal. Once approved for reversal, Miles and Levels Shop Philippines will immediately continue with the said transaction and proceed with the refund to the credit card which may take 3 to 4 weeks depending on the processing time of the gateway and the credit card company.

1.11. Credit card fraud will result to a penalty or imprisonment in the Philippines under Republic Act No. 8484. Buyers who are using fake, stolen, or any unauthorized credit cards to make purchases on our website will be added in our black list and will be reported to the corresponding institutions governing such case.