Knitted Gloves by HannsGuard


  • Use for Household works, Mechanical works, Construction works
  • Cotton string knit gloves
  • Comfortable, Skin Friendly
  • Durable, Soft touch
  • Reversible Design
  • Tear Resistance, High Strength



Product Description

Brand: Hannsguard

HannsGuard Cloth Gloves

Description: HannsGuard Cloth Gloves are cotton string knit gloves, which makes it comfortable to use. It is also called work gloves. It protects your hands while you do chores or works like construction, Mechanical Work, Gardening or any other activities.


  1. Cotton string knit gloves
  2. Comfortable
  3. Unisex
  4. Skin Friendly
  5. Durable
  6. Soft touch
  7. Reversible Design
  8. Tear Resistance
  9. High Strength
  10. Cotton Blend


  • Color: White
  • Material: Cotton
  • Size: extra small, small, medium, large, extra large
  • Thickness:
  • Style: Cuffed
  • Made in

Where to use:

  1. Household works
  2. Mechanical works
  3. Construction works

How to use:

  1. Select the right size of gloves for your hands comfort.Cover any skin cuts with waterproof plaster before putting on the gloves
  2. Remove hands jewelries like rings and bracelet.
  3. Make sure your hands are clean and dry before putting on gloves; Traces of soap held against the skin by a glove can cause irritant dermatitis.
  4. Do not use your gloves for more than an hour. Gloves prevent the evaporation of sweat than can cause skin waterlogging which may lead to dermatitis.
  5. Reusable gloves need to washed and dried after work to avoid accidental skin contamination when next putting the gloves on.
  6. Always wash your hands after removing the gloves.


  1. Wash your hands well; Make sure to remove soap residues
  2. Using of chemicals such as paraffin or acetone to clean your hands, may cause dermatitis.
  3. If in need of washing your hands often, use a moisturising cream afterwards. These replace the natural protection of your hands that was removed when washing.
  4. If having problem with cracked or inflamed skin, seek help for Occupational Health Service to help you determine the cause and to avoid recurrence.


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