Pure Water Baby Wipes

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  • 99.9% Pure Water
  • Baby friendly wipes, 99.9% pure water solution.
  • Dermatologically tested in japan, definitely close to water.
  • Everyday caring for baby and mommy.
  • Prevents skin allergy and diaper rashes.

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LEC 99.9% PURE WATER Baby Wipes
Does not contain paraben, alcohol, fragrance and PG.

LEC 99.9% Pure Water Baby Wipes is made of 99.9% pure water solution. Considering the safety of the baby, these wipes are as close as you can get to pure water. Easy to pull and dermatologically tested (Does not mean that everyone will not have skin irritation).

Water content: Water, Ben Sarcosine Chrloride, BG, Butyl Carbamate Iodided Propynyl, Hyaluronic Acid Hydroxypropyl Trimomium

How to use: Take out one by one by pulling off slowly. Excessive peel off may cause the seal to break, making it difficult to close the lid. Close the seal firmly after use to prevent air from getting inside.

Precaution before use: Do not use if there is an abnormality on the skin. This sheet does not dissolve in water. Do not throw in the toilet. Product must be kept away from children, esp. from infants, to avoid accidental intake and misuse. Do not wipe in eyes and wounds. Immediately rinse thoroughly with water in case of contact with eyes. Do not keep and use near inflammable materials. Do not keep in high temperature places or in direct sunlight. To prevent from drying, firmly close the seal after usage. Strong force may cause the seal to break, making it difficult to close. Please dispose properly.

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