Auto-Gard Odor Eliminator (500ml)



Product Description

Brand: Autogard

Product Description:

Completely trap and eliminate foul odors with Auto-Gard Car Odor Eliminator. Unlike other air fresheners and other odor removers that only cover up odors, this product completely removes unwanted odors. Simply spray and let Auto-Gard Car Odor Eliminator get rid of your toughest smells.

Auto-Gard Car Odor Eliminator is formulated from a unique blend of 100% natural and eco-friendly ingredients to provide a powerful deodorizing action. It was specially developed to attack and destroy many unpleasant floor smells from chemicals, spills and accidents. To Unleash the Deodorizing Power of Nature, simply spray Odoreze on your floor and smell the difference! As an added benefit, it will also help dissolve grease, slime and other waste deposits to provide a cleansing action.


Shake bottle well.

Spray over affected area until fabric is slightly damp.

Odors will subside as formula dries.

Caution: EYE IRRITANT. Avoid contact with eyes. Avoid prolonged contact with skin. FIRST AID: Eyes – rise with water for 15 minutes. If irritation persist, call a doctor. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.


Eliminates foul odors
Made of 100% natural and eco-friendly ingredients
Dissolves grease, slime and other waste deposits


Size: 500ml
Category: Odor Eliminator


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