Blind Spot Mirror by Red X


  • Twin pack-one for each side mirror
  • Wide-angled for increase visibility
  • Easy to fit

Product Description

Brand: RedX


  • Twin pack-one for each side mirror
  • Wide-angled for increase visibility
  • Easy to fit

How to use

  • Adjust your auxiliary mirror so you can clearly see out the side or rear of the car. test to see if the mirror is now properly aligned.
  • Remove dust, water or moisture on applying place before pasting it.
  • Remove the tape on the back of the auxiliary and hold the rim of it. Attach the mirror onto your side or rear mirror with enough strength, making sure the mirror will be able to withstand high speeds.
  • Do not push to hard the auxiliary mirror when adjusting the position.
  • You can adjust the rangeof vission with moving the body of the side or rear mirror.


  • Please be aware that the range of view and sense of distance of the mirror are different from your room mirror and door mirror.
  • The mirror glints back light.
  • Please make sure that the mirror is fixed firmly and then leave it for a day. The mirror might fall down if you drive after attaching it.
  • Please use only for intended purposes.
  • Treat the mirror with care.
  • If broken, you may get injured.
  • Do not use mirror if damaged or discomposed.
  • Clean the spot you want to attach the mirror before you attach it.
  • We recomended you to install the mirror in a warm day. Please note that the mirror might not be fixed firmly once you detach it.
  • Do not adjust the mirror during your driving.
  • After detaching the mirror, it may remain residue
  • Keep the mirror out of children’s reach.
  • We will never be responsible for any damages, losses or claims for damages from the use of the mirror.


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